Oma's Barn: Home & Garden

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Suz & Lisa


Lisa's Story

Landscaper Designer/Owner

Since graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia I have spent 25 years designing perennial gardens, creating landscapes for homeowners and developing commercial sites as well as residential sub-divisions. I have a passion to create a new space that is unique every time i start a project.

But in 2003 at Oma's inception, the transition to interior design wasn't hard to comprehend. Using all the landscape skills of color, texture and scale put the puzzle of design neatly together no matter the space inside or out. I never get tired of learning new styles and trends, the choices are endless. I invite you to visit Oma's Barn and pick my brain.

Suz's Story

Design Consultant/Buyer

Suz received a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Corporate and Mass Communication from Lindenwood University and worked in the industry until her retirement. She also found the time between working at Oma's part-time to write  her first novel, Paige's Turning. Her creative mind and style is reflected in Oma's eclectic inventory.


Suz and I were born in the same hospital 2 days apart, went to grade school and high school together so she is my first and longest friendship. Amazing, and yes I'm the older one.